Brian Gould ~ A Short Biography

Composer and musician from the UK. From the late 1960's Brian has worked as musical director and keyboard player with musical artists great and small from London and the Southeast, including the 'Mike Geary Combo' and 'The Daisy Belle Troupe' before joining showband 'Venus Delta' as a founding member in 1972 alongside Dave Hall, Peter Swan and Lesley Jones. The band toured American bases and clubs throughout the UK and Europe until 1974.

Seventh Wave

7th Wave band
Above: 7th Wave (left to right) Brian Gould, Ken Elliott, Keiron O'Connor, Pepi Lemer, Steve Cook and Peter Lemer.Seventh Wave - Roundhouse photoshoot

Brian joined synth prog rockers Ken Elliott and Kieran O'Connor in 'Seventh Wave' alongside Peter & Pepi Lemer and bassist Steve Cook, forming part of the line-up for the Seventh Wave's second album Psi-Fi (1975).

'Seventh Wave' enjoyed success, touring the United Kingdom and Europe but split up after a long tour of the USA promoting the second album, leaving Brian free to return to the UK and join 'Gizmo' in 1976.


Gizmo 1977

'Gizmo' line-up of Dave Radford, Maurice Memmott, Brian Gould, and Steve Wyse recorded the first two 'Gizmo' albums, Just like Master Bates (1979) and Victims (1981) with the band playing a string of gigs across London and the Southeast and regularly performing alongside prog-rock bands such as 'Ozric Tentacles' and 'The Enid'. EP recordings of Mars from Holst's Planet Suite, Hey You, Psychedelic Rock n Roll and Martyr for a Kingdom were all released during this time.

Gizmo -Prog-rock band in 1981
(Photo) Gizmo in 1981 - Brian Gould, Dave Radford and Steve Wyse


In 1988 Brian, Maurice, Steve and Anita left 'Gizmo' to form 'HPC', an orchestral prog rock band, recording Camera Obscura in 1991 and touring and performing throughout the UK. During this time, Brian also worked as part of the instrumental prog rock duo Dutch Mountain Orchestra with Steve Wyse.

HPC orchestral rock band in 1991
Anita Salt (and guest), Brian Gould, Steve Wyse, Maurice Memmott

HPC split in 1992 and Brian focused his energies on Dutch Mountain Orchestra and on running his recording studio, Notability Music, in Margates Old Town area working closely with numerous bands, solo artists and record labels. During this time, Brian was involved in a number of projects writing music for film makers. Close collaboration with poet Les Smith led to the albums, 'Rehearsals for Hell' and 'No Laughing Matter', which were produced under the name 'Pair of Dice Lost'. Notability Music closed in 2002 and Brian spent the following ten years teaching music technology.

After leaving teaching he continued writing, resulting in his latest album entitled Ghosts in the Machine. He returned to 'Gizmo' in 2012 appearing on their latest album 'Marlowes Children Part 1 The Innocence' and is currently working on his own material for another album due to be released later this year.

Recording Studio